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Good Pain

Inducing and accepting a certain level of pain or discomfort is a trait of professionalism.

I am not talking about enjoying it, as in sadism or masochism. But when you’re serious about something, you won’t get far if everything has to always be nice and cozy.

I realized this recently when I received massage therapy.

You might think, “Oh, massage, nice.” Well, yes, but … if you’re getting a good massage, it will also hurt. There is some discomfort.

The reason is simple: When the skilled therapist finds a spot that is tight, he or she stays there, trying to loosen it up. That hurts, but it also works and improves your condition.

When you’re getting a “spa massage”, you won’t have that – and you also won’t have the same benefit.

The other side to this, is: It really helps if the client understands and accepts this mechanic as well, so the therapist can do a good job and be effective.

In my work, doing online marketing consulting, I see the same thing going on. Most prospects are looking for a “spa massage”. I make an effort to not take them on as clients, because I need my clients to actually look forward to (or at least, anticipate) some discomfort and pain, so that I can be effective – and they can benefit.