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Two Unlikely Paths

Let me share two unlikely paths and where they led me. I hope it’s a bit entertaining as well.

Shit literally happens

We were driving around Da Nang a few weeks ago, on a scooter, as almost everybody in Vietnam uses a motorbike as a primary means of transportation. While I was trying to handle the traffic that does not follow any rules whatsoever, Anke was checking our route on her phone and we just realized that we were completely lost as a bird shit on her – sitting in a tree, I suspect it was a drive-by shitting.

In order to assess the damage we pulled over and got off the bike. Baby wipes do come in handy – again.

And where did we (have to) stop?  Right in front of this little restaurant that was serving food to self-barbecue on a hot tile. We were hungry anyways, seized the opportunity, and tried it. It was delicious and inexpensive. We had a feast and returned to the same place a few times since.


How I became a Reporter

OK, second story. I was doing research for an article on onboarding – the business process(es) that companies use to help new employees get started in their job and work environment for my project tightops.

So as part of your research, you type ‘onboarding’ into Google, right? I did just that and followed a few links, one of them just out of curiosity, this one:

Onboarding Search Result

Yeah, I know it’s a bit off topic. But still, you should definitely check it out if you are into apps and design – or just curious.

So I was looking through the list and the fourth one down is this here:

Reporter Onboarding on UX Archive

At this point, I have no idea what this app does, but am totally intrigued by the design. So my research went astray right there and I had to check out the iOS app Reporter. I read a few articles, reviews, the website and ended up buying the app.

I am using it for about five days now and really like it so far. Check in later as I am definitely planning to share how I use it and what‘s so cool about it, which is, you know, another story.


Not at all. In both cases I have become a happy customer of a company. I have also recommended both to friends and brought in referrals.

What led me to their product is anywhere from random / accidental to ‘what has this to do with what you were just working on?!’.

I love it. Flaneuring FTW!