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Do something with it

There is so much great stuff out there, so much to learn, so much to discover.

Sure, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but I’m one of those crazy people who are really enjoying it.
I’m thankful to all the people that provide(d) it – often times for free. I’m not only talking about the current modern day education and training but everything that has been written basically.
And it’s all available in mere seconds through the interwebs. If you want to study the Greek Aristotle, the Roman Seneca or rather watch Leonard Susskind lecture about Quantum Mechanics at Standford, it’s all there.
If you’re more the how-to-type …  you’re in wonderland as well.

But of course, what does it all mean? What’s it worth?

Nothing, if you don’t take that final piece of advice:
Do something with it.