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Digest – Develop – Share

Although this is nothing novel …

Here’s what I will do more:

1 Digest

We consume all kinds of information in various forms. Digest simply means to give the things that resonate with you in your current situation some time to get over the first reaction and see what comes from it. Explore the content itself and the reactions it has on your thinking, acting and belief system. Chew it. Digest it.

2 Develop

This is where your digestive process begins to deliver some energy to act and make something. Develop is about building, implementing, testing and improving. It’s a little cycle in itself.

3 Share

Tell and show others what you have build and developed. You may just want to share the end result or you might share what the input was, what you made of it and how you tweaked at it for some time.
With ‘share’ I don’t necessarily want to imply that you have to use social media or technology at all. You can also tell others in person, have a discussion about it (in the development stage as well as with your result at hand), or present it in a more formal manner.

- (Repeat)

Obviously, this is meant to be a cycle.

I’d hope that following DDS is enhancing your own learning and development as well as that of all the people you make a part of it.