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Building a Digestion Machine

I have mentioned the goal to Digest – Develop – Share more than six months ago. A lot of my writing efforts went to while at the same time all the other input wasn’t well channeled to proper output media.


The lastest experiment has just started: Max is building a little application that will enable us to pull bookmarks from and create a (daily) list of what we read with our comments and favorite quotes.

First attempt here.


The second part of our continuous digestion tool will be our new podcast. Under the working title “The Call”, we have already test recorded a few episodes, getting a feel for content, tone, style, and the amount of work that is involved.

I am really looking forward to launch the podcast as soon as we got the missing pieces together (ordered part of the artwork today). The format we will be using is quite unusual, so we have no clue how it will work for the audience.